2324 Dewdney Road

A comprehensive docu-series on the forward-thinking construction of a McKinley Beach house.

“What kind of creativity and diligence is required to build a Net-Zero Energy house?”

2324 Dewdney Road (Kelowna, BC) is being built by Wilson & Company Custom Builders with utmost care and forward-thinking. Award winning storyteller/videographer Curtis Allen (Distill Media) is prepared to document the construction journey, and to highlight the innovative approach that will come to define this property. This is a subject that we believe will be both inspirational and compelling to a viewer–we would like to put 2324 Dewdney Road in the public spotlight with a visually-powerful, narrative-driven docu-series. 

The Project

We’re looking to create a 12-episode (one a month) docu-series that chronicles the construction of this property. The vision of this build is ambitious: a high performance home with energy efficient materials, natural cooling systems, solar PV, and unparalleled lake views. This film will feature interviews from members of the community, complimentary footage/photos (both created and pre-existing), landscape drone footage, and time-lapses. Our goal is to distill the subject down to a clear, captivating story. 

As a web-series, our goal is to create a web-based series that can be pitched to streaming services, as well as be broadcast on traditional broadcast networks.

We have been connected to this project through Trevor Butler, and are eager to discuss the details of how we can best tell your story. 

Let’s show the public what a project of this magnitude entails.

Distill Media

Curtis Allen

Background: Filmmaker, Journalist, Owner of Distill Media

Role: Director of Photography/Editor

With 10+ years experience in video journalism (CBC, CTV, Shaw, Bell) in mainstream media (as a camera operator, editor, and reporter), Curtis has incomparable experience telling stories that audiences can meaningfully engage with.

Allen, along with his team at Distill Media, has produced documentaries in Haiti, Ethiopia, and Mexico–and in 2018, he was chosen to tell the story of Round Lake Treatment Centre in documentary form; a comprehensive, TV-ready story that has aired over 50 times on BC television.

Curtis is also the recipient of two awards from the Radio Television Digital News Association, recognizing him for his documentary work in Haiti, as well as a piece he co-produced in Disneyland.

video production company van Kelowna


Distill Media has become very efficient at creating effective visuals with a small footprint. Based on years of production experience, we’ve merged the design of a fast-pace news van with top level digital cinema equipment thanks to our Nissan NV200 cargo van (which can park anywhere). Two pre-loaded rolling equipment carts, and a cross-trained crew of two mean that we have every piece of equipment we could possibly need at our disposal at all times. When we leave our Kelowna office, we won’t have forgotten any piece of gear: it will all be in our video van.
Our crew is also regularly practicing COVID-19 safety protocols. Over the course of last year, we have ceased work with video production contractors who choose to treat mask-wearing, gear-sanitization, and social distancing flippantly. The safety and peace of mind for our clients is paramount, so we have made adjustments to how we offer our services to ensure a clean, appropriate filming environment.

One story, two ways to tell it.


We suggest that the best way to feature this project is through a Docu-Series with 10-12 ‘episodes’ released on a monthly schedule. This would allow us to use each episode to take a close look at a different aspect of the build, and the technology behind it, detailing all important aspects of the vision, execution, and completion of the project. Each episode would feature expert interviews, engaging video content, and have a clear and entertaining storyline.

A production of this magnitude does require more time and therefore a bigger budget.

30 minute documentary

A second option would be to release a 30 minute documentary once the build is complete. Our crew would come out to the home several times over the period of the build to document the progress, as well as gather several interviews with experts, contractors, and community members. These elements would be edited together into a single documentary with an engaging storyline and can be released online as well as on traditional broadcast networks and streaming services.

Budget Projection

A Quick Story

30 Minute Documentary

A robust look at the project and how its goals are met during the project.


The Full Story

12 Episode Docu-Series

A full shooting schedule with episodes coming out once a month, detailing all important aspects of the vision, execution, and completion of the project.



If it can’t be done right, it’s not worth doing. Our reputation for precise and unparalleled visual storytelling is not unearned: we want to include the public in this exciting project. We are in a unique position to tell that story.

Let’s work together.

Curtis Allen

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