Trusted Partners

At Distill Media, we’re fortunate to collaborate with some truly remarkable professionals in the industry. While we pride ourselves on our expertise in video production, we recognize and celebrate the talents of those we work alongside. These individuals and companies not only excel in their respective fields but also share our passion for delivering outstanding results. We’re always thrilled to team up with them and can wholeheartedly recommend their services for any project. Here are some of our trusted partners:

Michael Hintringer


Michael’s approach to photography is both innovative and timeless. His knack for framing and composition elevates every project we’ve collaborated on. We love working with Michael because he brings a fresh perspective to the table, ensuring that our combined efforts always leave a lasting impression.

Lianne Viau


Lianne’s eye for detail and her ability to capture the essence of a moment is unparalleled. Her photography style complements our videography seamlessly, making our collaborations feel like a dance. We love working with Lianne because her passion and dedication shine through in every shot, ensuring that our joint projects always stand out.

New Horizon Productions

Audio-Visual Services

New Horizon Productions is the epitome of professionalism and reliability in the AV world. Their commitment to excellence ensures that every event runs smoothly, and their willingness to go above and beyond is commendable. We love working with New Horizon Productions because their team’s dedication mirrors our own, guaranteeing flawless execution every time.

Fetch & Ripple Marketing

Web Design, Ads & SEO

In the vast ocean of digital marketing, Fetch & Ripple stands as a beacon of excellence. Their expertise in SEO, online advertising, social media, and web design ensures that brands shine and reach their desired audience effectively. We love working with Fetch & Ripple because, together, we create digital magic that resonates and engages.

Impact Events

Event Planning

Impact Events transforms visions into reality with their meticulous planning and creative flair. Their expertise ensures that every event is memorable, and their coordination skills are second to none. We love working with Impact Events because their passion for creating unforgettable experiences aligns perfectly with our mission to capture them.