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Nature Based Forestry Solutions to Fight Climate Change

“How is forestry part of the climate change solution in British Columbia?”

With the partnership of FESBC and award winning storyteller/videographer Curtis Allen (Distill Media), we are prepared to explore the facts and present the truth about the role of forestry in British Columbia’s future. By using case examples (FESBC-funded projects) and by demystifying scientific evidence, we can clarify the reality of the situation to the public.

The Project

We (Distill Media, Kelowna, BC) are looking to create an engaging, 10 minute news-style video that investigates the impact of forestry on the environment and our communities. This film will feature interviews from the experts, b-roll, drone footage, and time-lapses. Our goal is to distill the subject down to a clear message that can be understood quickly by any viewer. 

Curtis Allen, owner/operator of Distill Media, has produced hundreds of videos for CBC and CTV as a video journalist, and will bring a team of 3 others with him (covered with Worksafe BC, as well as liability insurance) to help capture the footage. The Distill Media team will be able to keep accommodation costs low due to Curtis’ connections in Kamloops.

Shooting can commence in July 2021 with a full crew to ensure final delivery prior to the first week of August 2021.

Let’s tell the true story of climate change heroes here in British Columbia. 

Distill Media

Visual storytelling with a journalism background.

Curtis Allen

Background: Filmmaker, Journalist, Owner of Distill Media

Role: Director / Producer

Having produced multiple documentaries, Curtis Allen is an expert at creating compelling stories.

With 10+ years experience in video journalism (as a camera operator, editor, and reporter for TV stations in Kamloops and Vancouver), Curtis has incomparable experience telling stories that audiences can meaningfully engage with. He has produced documentaries in Haiti, Ethiopia, and Mexico–and in 2018, he was chosen to tell the story of Round Lake Treatment Centre in documentary form; a comprehensive, TV-ready story that has aired over 50 times on BC television. In addition to running Distill Media, Curtis has regular work as a freelance broadcast journalist for both CBC and CTV.

Curtis, raised in Kamloops, spent much of his childhood at his family’s rustic fishing resort, and the location of this story is not only very familiar, but one that has a ‘heartstrings’ connection.

Curtis is also the recipient of two awards from the Radio Television Digital News Association, recognizing him for his documentary work in Haiti, as well as a piece he co-produced in Disneyland.


Distill Media has become very efficient at creating effective visuals with a small footprint. Based on years of production experience, we’ve merged the design of a fast-pace news van with top-level digital cinema equipment thanks to our Nissan NV200 cargo van (which can park anywhere). Two pre-loaded rolling equipment carts (that house multiple 4K cameras, grip, and audio equipment), and a cross-trained crew of four mean that we have every piece of equipment we could possibly need at our disposal at all times.
Our fleet of licensed drones come with the van too: as videographers in the interior of British Columbia, we are keenly aware of how dramatic and beautiful drone footage of our natural landscapes can be. When we leave Kelowna, we won’t have forgotten any piece of gear: it will all be in our video van.
Our mobile, battery-powered teleprompter will help on-camera talent deliver their message confidently and effectively.
We realize that this project may take us off the beaten trail, so we are prepared to utilize a four-wheel drive pick-up truck to ensure we are not limited from a location standpoint.

Examples from Our Portfolio

The following videos were produced for a single client, and are part of a series of 28 videos intended to present technical processes to non-technical viewers. 

Wastewater Treatment Facility 3:15

Highlighting the role of water treatment and its role in Kelowna, BC.

Regional Compost Facility 2:42

Walking through the process biosolids go on to become renewable resources for the community.

Glenmore Landfill 3:00

How forward-thinking helps us protect our future.

Round Lake Treatment Centre Documentary

In 2019, our team was chosen to produce this documentary for Round Lake Treatment Centre (RLTC). The 25-minute video highlights both the history of injustices committed against the First Nations people, and RLTC’s 40 year commitment to treating addition and trauma in BC.

Budget Projection

Projection (as per script)

Total Budget (before tax)

Filming in Kamloops & Savona (3 Days)

Filming in Williams Lake

B-Roll Filming (2 Days)

Editing (including animations)

Travel and Food

Saving Money

  • Crew will rent an AirBnB to share rather than individual hotel rooms
  • Food will be purchased from a grocery store and prepared rather than per diems (savings of $1300)
  • Travel to Kamloops will include our video van and a pick-up truck
  • Overage costs are $2383 per full-crew additional shoot day and $1122.50 per additional editing day


If it can’t be done right, it’s not worth doing. Our reputation for precise and unparalleled visual storytelling is not unearned: we can get the results you are looking for. We would look forward to uncovering the truth about how we can protect our communities, climate, and environment. We are in a unique position to tell that story.

Let’s work together.

Curtis Allen

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