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Accessing the best commercial financing with FIT Financial.

“How does FIT Financial help investors, entrepreneurs, and developers?”

With the partnership of FIT Financial and award winning storyteller/videographer Curtis Allen (Distill Media), we are prepared to clarify and highlight the commercial mortgage brokering FIT Financial provides its clients. By emphasizing the character and culture of FIT Financial’s team, we can visually explore the meaningful ways accessible commercial financing positively impacts investors, entrepreneurs, and developers. 

The Project

We (Distill Media, Kelowna, BC) are looking to create an engaging short video revealing FIT Financial’s updated branding. This video will feature on-screen presentations from FIT Financial’s team in Kamloops and Victoria, b-roll, and (if appropriate) animations. Our goal is to distill the subject down to a clear message that can be understood quickly by any viewer. In addition to capturing footage in Kamloops, Distill Media is willing to find a videographer in Victoria, BC that matches our style. Alternately, we are happy to travel to Victoria with our own crew if necessary. 

Curtis Allen, owner/operator of Distill Media, has produced hundreds of videos for CBC and CTV as a video journalist, and will bring one production assistant with him (covered with Worksafe BC, as well as liability insurance) to help capture the footage. 

Shooting can commence in July 2021 to ensure final delivery prior to end of August 2021.

Let’s announce FIT Financial’s rebranding with a confident video debut. 

Distill Media

Visual storytelling with a journalism background.

Curtis Allen

Background: Filmmaker, Journalist, Owner of Distill Media

Role: Director / Producer

Having produced multiple documentaries, Curtis Allen is an expert at creating compelling stories.

With 10+ years experience in video journalism (as a camera operator, editor, and reporter for TV stations in Kamloops and Vancouver), Curtis has incomparable experience telling stories that audiences can meaningfully engage with. He has produced documentaries in Haiti, Ethiopia, and Mexico–and in 2018, he was chosen to tell the story of Round Lake Treatment Centre in documentary form; a comprehensive, TV-ready story that has aired over 50 times on BC television. In addition to running Distill Media, Curtis has regular work as a freelance broadcast journalist for both CBC and CTV.

Curtis is also the recipient of two awards from the Radio Television Digital News Association, recognizing him for his documentary work in Haiti, as well as a piece he co-produced in Disneyland.


Distill Media has become very efficient at creating effective visuals with a small footprint. Based on years of production experience, we’ve merged the design of a fast-pace news van with top-level digital cinema equipment thanks to our Nissan NV200 cargo van (which can park anywhere). Two pre-loaded rolling equipment carts (that house multiple 4K cameras, grip, and audio equipment), and a cross-trained crew of two mean that we have every piece of equipment we could possibly need at our disposal at all times.
Our mobile, battery-powered teleprompter will help on-camera talent deliver their message confidently and effectively.

Examples from Our Portfolio

Mervyn’s The Body Shop 2:09

Commercial video highlighting business practices for recruitment.

City of Kelowna Annual Report 2:05

Scripted and dynamic presentation of values and goals.

Simplex Sportszone – Tracy AI 1:07

Commercial product demonstration.

Budget Projection


Total Budget (before tax)

Video Production

Full day filming on site at Fit Financial in Kamloops.

Price includes Senior Videographer and full cargo van of gear (cameras, lights, audio, motion), as well as Production Assistant to help keep things moving quickly.


2 Days of Editing Video, adding text, licensing music.

2 rounds of revisions included in this rate.

Animations (Optional)

Hiring a subcontractor to create animations that compliment the video’s script and demonstrate important elements of the storyline.

This is optional, and is a rough estimate. Depending on the complexity of the work it could be more or less. This would be something that would be discussed in our initial story meetings.


Kelowna -> Kamloops 175km each way.


If it can’t be done right, it’s not worth doing. Our reputation for precise and unparalleled visual storytelling is not unearned: we can get the results you are looking for. We would look forward to executing the story of FIT Financial’s position as a leading commercial mortgage brokerage in BC. We are in a unique position to tell that story.

Let’s work together.

Curtis Allen

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