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Why Audio Quality Matters in Video Production

By 17 January 2023January 24th, 2023No Comments

Tips and tricks for creating engaging videos with great sound.

When it comes to creating a professional-looking video, the quality of the audio is just as important as the quality of the visuals. In fact, many people would argue that bad audio can ruin an otherwise great video. At Distill Media, we understand the importance of audio in video production, and we’re here to share some of our tips and tricks for achieving great sound in your videos.

Good audio is crucial for engaging your viewers and keeping their attention on the video. Clear and crisp audio draws the viewer in and keeps them interested in what’s happening on screen. On the other hand, muffled or hard-to-understand audio can be distracting and even frustrating for the viewer.

In addition to engaging your audience, good audio also helps to create a sense of realism in your video. When the audio sounds natural and realistic, it makes the video feel more authentic and believable. This is especially important in documentary-style videos or other types of videos that are meant to be taken seriously.

One of the best ways to ensure great audio in your videos is to invest in high-quality audio equipment. You don’t need to spend a fortune, but you should avoid using the built-in microphone on your camera or smartphone. Instead, consider using a dedicated microphone that is specifically designed for recording audio.

We’ve had great success with the Rode Wireless Go Microphones. They have a crisp sound, a great wireless range, and can be clipped on the clothing of the person presenting on camera. They also allow us to use small ‘lavaliere microphones’ that can be run under the shirt and clipped to the lapel of a person for a more low profile look. Wireless microphones like this used to cost close to $1000, but now you can get a set of two for less than $400.

It’s also important to pay attention to the placement of your microphone. For example, if you’re recording someone speaking, you’ll want to position the microphone as close to their mouth as possible. This will help to capture their voice clearly and minimize any background noise.

Finally, make sure to listen to your audio carefully during the editing process. This will give you an opportunity to fix any problems with the sound, such as background noise or muffled dialogue. You can also use software to adjust the volume levels and add effects to make the audio sound even better.

At Distill Media, we understand the importance of audio in video production and we’re always looking for ways to take our videos to the next level. By investing in high-quality audio equipment, paying attention to microphone placement, and carefully editing the audio during the post-production process, we create videos that have great sound and engage our viewers. And you can too!